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Roy Romer MS Principal

Dr. Luis Rodriguez-Cazares

"Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming." ~John Wooden


Welcome to Roy Romer Middle School, home of the inspired and aspiring students!  At Roy Romer Middle School the staff and administration embrace the art and science of teaching and every student engages in their own learning and feels like they belong. They are interested in understanding the importance and relevance of their education.  At Roy Romer we prepare students for the challenge of the Common Core Standards. We aspire to be college and career ready.  Moving toward the future we continue grounded in the tradition of school spirit, parent/community involvement and engagement, and our support of the performing arts, learning through service, and innovative technology. 


It is an honor and a priviledge to announce that RRMS has been selected for the 1:1 computer/IPad Empowered Learner Initiative for the 2018-19 school year. This means that all incoming students will be issued an Ipad or Computer for the duration of their middle school years here at RMMS!


In our continued efforts to enhance rigorous learning and personalization, we have reached two milestones: 


(1) we have reconfigured our school programs to match emerging and evolving trends for the 21st Century into a Visual and Performing Arts focus, a Service Learning and Leadership academy, and a Business, Design, and Technology academy. In addition to our Highly Successful STEM Magnet and School for Advanced Studies (SAS) schools, we are also adding a new Gifted Magnet for next year; and,


(2) we have re-designed our school staff and student support structures to enhance personalized learning through Grade-Level Houses.  This means that your child will be with the same counselor, administrator, advisory/homeroom teacher throughout their middle school experience. 


Dr. Luis Rodriguez-Cazares

Proud Principal of RRMS

Go Rams!