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Business, Design and Technology Academy (BDATA)


Roy Romer Business Design and Technology Academy




BDATA affords students the opportunity to apply their personal experiences to the business, innovation and technology sectors by developing and practicing skills in business development, financial literacy, website design, innovation, and technology applications. Through college and career-preparing activities and study, students will explore the financial and global economy and the crucial roles of technology and innovation in the business world. 


We prepare students to become self-motivating, problem solving, and ethical lifelong learners in the business communities by emphasizing the development of skills in business, technology, and design.



To achieve this vision, students will:


* Embrace quality by having high expectations;

* Develop entrepreneurial skills by being self-directed;

* Attain responsibility by making plans and meeting deadlines; 

* Improve communication skills by listening and using appropriate academic and workplace language;

* Understand the importance of teamwork and collaboration in achieving goals. 



* Students will log academy-related activities; 

* Students will write journal entries related to the goals of the academy; 

* Students will demonstrate their learning at the end of each year;

* Students will use their learning to become aware of the importance of business to themselves and their communities and how design and technology are the crucial tools of the economic sector.



The Business, Design and Technology Academy will consist of approximately 1/4 of the students and teachers from Romer’s home school, as well as parents and staff who wish to join. We plan to partner with community members in our efforts to bring real world examples to our students.

Business and Design Academy


BDATA affords students the oppotunity to explore and apply their experiences in the business, innovation and technology sector (e.g. business development, financial literacy,website design, tinkering, innovation, and technology applications). Through this college/career sector students will explore the financial and global economy through technology and innovation.